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West Asia Civilisation @ WAC

The goal is to promote advanced research related to West Asia Civilization. This particular area of studies is so important in order to respond to contemporary issues related to the peoples, political structural as well as continuing conflicts.

Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Yusoff

PM Dr. Fauzi Husin@Abu
Dr. Idris Ismail
Dr. Mansoureh Ebrahimi
Dr. Ahmad Muhyuddin Hassan

Some achievements
1. Publications.

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Contribution of Muslims in West Asia Civilization to the world.
The emerging of modern trends of Islamic fundamental ideologies have confronted many Muslims to debate on vital core of Islam in global implications. This research group responds to current situation to the modern world with various approaches.
 Socio-Political Situation in the West Asia Region.
Regional rivalries in the West Asia have provided a fragile atmosphere as a major obstacle to sustainable development, peace and harmony. This research group emphasizes social development, policies and strategies through networking as remedies for volatile societies in the region.
 Current Trends in West Asia vis-à-vis Politics and Socio-economic Developments.
Contemporary issues of the geopolitical and cross-border tensions have involved several countries in the geopolitical reconfiguration of the region that brought about uncertainty and instability in socio-economic and political developments. This research group seeks to find alternatives to uphold political stability for the betterment of the West Asian societies’ developments.