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Islam, Culture and Globalization Research Group


Islam, Culture and Globalization Research Group (ICG-RG) is a single disciplinary research group under the Smart Digital Community Research Alliance, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The purpose of this research group is to gather experts in the field related to Islamic studies, publish and disseminate research findings to the government, industry and community, become a reference group at the national and international level, obtain research grants and publish impactful research outputs to global society and environment as well as developing national and international networks. The ICG-RG consists of a team of researchers from the Academy of Islamic Civilisation, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, who are putting their effort into imparting knowledge and providing consultancy in support of the national development agenda.

The ICG-RG is a research community in studies related to Islam, culture and globalization. It aims at enhancing research culture and engaging intellectual discourse through roundtable discussions, workshops and conferences. The positive research culture is closely related to the strengthening of self-esteem and ethics that is supported by each member of the group while fostering a good collaborative environment.


To be recognised as a leading research group in Islam, Culture and Globalisation



To cultivate the culture of research among fellow members, nurture the spirit of cultural dialogue and engagement, and promote the active dissemination of knowledge in Islam, Culture and Globalisation.



  1. to conduct research projects that generate new ideas or improve the existing ones that embrace various humanitarian, community and cultural issues.
  2. to publish high quality academic and non academic writing in various areas of expertise
  3. to provide consulting service to government agencies, industry and community based on our members’ knowledge, expertise and skills

Our Group Values:

  1. Integrity

Adhere research integrity and honesty with wisdom and trustworthiness

  1. Commitment

Deliver on expectations and constantly improve ourselves to be the best we can be

  1. Excellence

Strive to deliver high quality researches and publications

Focus  Area:

  • Islamic Culture and Civilisation
  • Al-Qur’an and Al-Sunnah
  • Usuluddin
  • Islamic Psychology & Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health
  • Islamic Arts
  • Women Studies
  • Malay World
  • Islamic Manuscripts
  • Da‘wah
  • Islamic Tourism
  • Indigenous People
  • Social and Ethical Issues


List of activities

  1. Pelancongan Filantropi Dakwah Kg Orang Asli Tanah Abang Mersing (2018)
  2. Pemerkasaan Pendidikan Orang Asli Kg Orang Asli Simpang Arang, Gelang Patah (2019)
  3. Tautan Mahabbah bersama Golongan Gelandangan (2019)
  4. Kolokium Antarabangsa Pasca Siswazah Akademi Tamadun Islam FSSH UTM & UIN Raden Fatah (2019)
  5. Lawatan Unit Pusat Khidmat Keluarga, Sosial & Komuniti (PKKSK) JAKIM  dan Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Johor, ke Akademi Tamadun Islam UTM Johor Bahru (17 Julai 2019)
  6. Penubuhan KSKCareCentre (Pusat Khidmat Keluarga, Sosial & Komuniti- PKKSK) JAKIM di Akademi Tamadun Islam, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru (2019)