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Checklist & Procedure for Online Proposal and Thesis / Dissertation Submission For Oral Evaluation ((To Be Used During Movement Control Order /  Covid19 Pandemic Period)

The Government has decided to implement the Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout the country due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Faculty of Social Science & Humanities will implement Online Oral Evaluation for 1st Assessment (Proposal Evaluation) and also Online viva voce for PhD and Master for candidates during COVID-19 pandemic

Proposal and thesis/dissertation can be submitted during the MCO  Covid19 pandemic period via online submission. Below is the checklist of steps and documents that you will need:

No Description Checklist
1. Notification for submission of proposal (1 month) and thesis (3 months) prior to submission endorsed by JKA (for proposal) / JAPSU (for thesis)
2. Proposal or thesis follows UTM thesis format (
3. Complete all relevant forms


a.      Proposal Submission Form (Dissertation & Thesis)

b.      Student Consent Form for Conducting 1st Assessment Online & Guideline For Proposal Evaluation Session

Student need to complete the forms and submit with Turnitin Report



c.      Submission of Thesis (UTM.SPS.B (PSP)/05/2018 – Pind.1/2018)

d.      Submission of Thesis 2 (UTM.SPS.B (PSP)/01/2018-Pind.1/2018)

e.      Plagarisme Agreement

f.      Checklist for Thesis Submission

g.      Consent Form for Re-Examination Fees for Doctoral Degree and Master (Research)

h.      Student Consent Form for Conducting Oral Examination Online & Guideline For VIVA-VOCE Session

Student need to complete all the form and fulfil the requirement to submit thesis (i.e: Turnitin, publication)

Note: Item b, c, d, need to be fill up in 3 copies



a.      Submission of Dissertation

b.      Student Consent Form Conducting Oral Examination Online & Guideline For VIVA-VOCE Session

3.4 All forms need to be signed. Supervisor may sign the form digitally or write a written consent via email or other credible means to the student.
4. Submit proposal/thesis/dissertation together with all related signed forms (or with supervisor’s written consent) to


a.      Abstract Guideline

b.      Abstract Approval Form