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Educating & Humanizing

Our tagline consists of two words that represent our brand promise. At the core of everything we do, whether through research, teaching, or community service, we are educators. The ultimate purpose of why we educate is based on the Malay concept of ‘untuk menjadi orang’, which literally means to become human. This concept is one that transcends the biological definition of being human, and embraces one where the term to become human means to embody all the virtues of humanity, and everything good that humanity stands for.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) is an innovation-driven faculty that specializes in social sciences and humanities disciplines, in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, a research university that excels in engineering, science and technology.

We provide the human aspect to an ever-changing world, moving forward to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In the race to automate and embrace technology, we provide the fundamentals what is important behind the technology – humanity.

Why choose us?

Through one of our five schools, you will learn skills and knowledge that will make you a valuable commodity in the workplace, no matter if you choose to work in the public or private sectors, or if you choose entrepreneurship. You will experience a world class education that UTM offers, in a lush tropical campus environment with cutting edge facilities, experienced lecturers, and a vibrant student community. You will also get the opportunity to expand your horizons by participating in UTM’s International Mobility Programmes, where close to 10,000 students have travelled abroad to more than 24 countries worldwide.

But most of all, as part of the faculty’s learning experience, you will discover and nurture the driving force behind any future changes that the world will go through – humanity. Welcome to Humanities @ UTM. Welcome to FSSH.

How to Apply?

Visit the UTM Admission website for more information about how to submit your application.

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