School : Language Academy
Audience : Postgraduate
Language : English

At the end of the lecture, students should be able to understand the fundamentals of the following:

Formulating research problem(s)

● Constructing research objectives and questions
● Writing research objectives, and questions

Conceptualising research design

● Understanding characteristics of 5 qualitative research designs (refer to Creswell)

Selecting a sample

● Understanding characteristics of a variety of sampling designs (for qualitative samples)
● How to select a sample for your study?

Constructing research instrument

● Understanding characteristics of research instruments/tools (qualitative)
● How to construct research instrument?
● Validation of research instrument (process involved)

Deciding on data collection procedure

● What kind of data that you want to collect?
● Qualitative: Interview scripts, documents – written, non-written such as pictures etc.

Proposing data analysis

● How to select the suitable data analysis?

Type: Video
Category: Language