FSSH repository is one of the project initiate by Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM to provide online learning materials for students and public.

The aims of FSSH repository is :-

a) to cater online teaching and learning
b) to park all materials for T&L will be placed in one system
c) to focus on low technology development of learning material
d) to Implementing innovative pedagogies

Training for FSSH’s Staff includes :-

1. Introduction to Video Editing
2. Advance Video Editing
3. Powerpoint recording for Learning and Teaching (LnT)
4. Introduction to Alternative Tools for Learning and Teaching (LnT)
5. Make your LnT video Interactive using Alternative Tools
6. Create and Edit your own LnT Video using Smartphone
7. Screen Casting made easy : Record your screen video to teach your student

Total Hour of FSSH Staff’s Training : 26 hours