This category provides free downloadable digital materials about ICT topics related to teaching and learning. The tools/software/ the application/skills will mostly benefit the educators, students as well as others who are interested.  


This category allows viewers to download teaching and learning materials related to technical aspects of any FSSH program. The instructions from the materials will mostly benefit the students to engage in more understanding the practice of the given topics.


This section represents the contents of the teaching and learning materials associated with the Islamic Studies program in UTM. The content ranges from fundamental topics to the advanced level of the said disciplines.


This section focuses on the content of the teaching and learning materials from the Language School of UTM. The content supports the basic learning of English to the advanced application of English. The materials will most benefit students as well as educators and others who are interested. 


Meet the Expert represents a collection of knowledge sharing session materials that had been delivered by FSSH’s invited speakers or experts in the selected fields/disciplines. This category is aimed to enrich viewers’ knowledge as well as introducing the experts of the fields to the public.


This category is a broad collection of materials related to the disciplines, issues, new knowledge and anything related to the social science disciplines. The category ranges from teaching and learning for the educators, as well as the learning materials for UTM students.