School : Language Academy
Audience : Anyone Interested
Language : English

Description of the Quiz:

A paragraph or a section is broken into a few sections which are then scrambled up and labelled as O, P, Q, R, S etc. The quiz participant is required to put these sentences into a correct arrangement to form a cohesive paragraph and then select the right sequence from the given choices.
Rearrangement of Jumbled parts is one kind of language capability test question. It is a competitive quiz to test the candidates’ capacity to comprehend the sentences in English and develop a cohesive paragraph.

Technique of Solving:

A passage is separated in 5 or 6 sections (or sentences) with the first sentence given and the rest of the sentences are then arranged randomly.
The quiz participant has to arrange the sentences in the correct sequence with the aid of the first and last sentences of the paragraph.

To achieve a good paragraph rearrangement:

1. You have to comprehend the theme / subject behind each sentence. If you can comprehend the theme / subject of the passage, it will be easy to string the sentences all together.
2. You should pay special attention to the first and last sentences in the question. In some cases they can help you a lot in recognising the right succession.
3. You have to know the connections between various sentences to place them in the right arrangement.
4. You should first fix the connections of sentences, place them all together and afterwards check the alternatives.
5. Transition words and differentiating words additionally help in identifying clear cohesion between sentences in the paragraph.
6. Do NOT over depend on the choices given, they will just confuse you if you continue looking at them. Instead, use them as scaffolds.
7. Read the entire passage to ensure the thought is coherent and the paragraph is well organised.


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