Test of English Communication Skills for Graduating Students (TECS) is one of the components in the Professional Skills Certificate (PSC) and is compulsory to be taken by final year undergraduates as a requirement for graduation. This semester, TECS will be conducted as follows:

Table 1:  TECS Schedule for 2019/2020-2

Students who are graduating this semester are advised to register for the examination(s) as soon as possible by contacting the Administrative Assistant (Academic) at their faculty/school before 3 March 2020.

For further information on TECS, visit https://humanities.utm.my/languageacademy/tecs/ and http://myline.utm.my/moodle282/course/view.php?id=115 .

Prepared by: Nur-Al Huda Hashim, Language Academy, FSSH, UTMJB