Dated 30th April 2019, a structured course was successfully organized by the Post Graduates Students’ Society (PGSS FSSH) in collaboration with the School of Graduates Studies UTM. The course is one of the nine series of structured courses run and organized by PGSS FSSH. This course was delivered by the advisor of PGSS Language Academy (LA), Dr. Aminabibi Bte Saidalvi. The course has strike the interest of a crowd of 68 participants. The course received positive feedbacks and glowing recommendation from overall participants. Below are some of the comments received from participants of the overall course:

  1. “It was a very fruitful session indeed. I applaud the organizer for this course and the speaker was awesome!”
  2. “I benefited a lot in this program. The speaker was fun, keep(s) you awake <LAUGH>”
  3. “I gain a lot from this structured course. The best from the 4 I have attended before. Look forward for the next one.”
  4. “The topic was nice, content was very good. Just like I expected. Thank you PGSS for organizing such event.”
  5. “The course has benefit me in many ways specially to prepare myself in presentation. What a shame this was organized after my defence, otherwise I could be more prepared. Congrats organizer! Course and speaker were awesome!”