April 6, 2023 – Four members of the Toys for Friends committee, Dr. Aida Abdul Rahman, Ms. Nurhidayah Mohd Sharif, Ms. Azura Sirri, and Ms. Nur Hazwani Mohd Muhridza, went to Econsave, Taman Teratai last Thursday to buy gift hampers for the 30 students of SK Sg Boh, Pontian, who will participate as participants in the program. Ms. Halijah Abdul Kadir, chief cashier, and Ms. Bawani A/P Murugiah, senior cashier helped the team get more than 20 essential food items for each gift hamper.

The gift hampers were purchased using funds raised through a successful two-week fundraising campaign, which collected nearly RM4500. The hard work and dedication of the Toys for Friends fundraising and marketing teams, including Ms. Norrabiyyah Ithnin, Mr. Zaid Shamsuddin, and Ms. Siti Rahmah Abdullah, made this achievement possible. In addition to the toys and letters written by their friends from Idrissi International School @ EduCity, the gift hampers will provide an extra source of joy for the students.

Committee members who are also the Language Academy staff believe that the gift hampers will not only be a festive aid to student families to celebrate the upcoming Eid al-Fitr but also to strengthen relations with the local community of Sg Boh. In addition to the gift hampers, toys and letters, the students of SK Sg Boh will also receive ‘duit raya’ from the collected funds.

The much awaited event which will take place on 13 April 2023 is hoped to make the students feel the “joy” that both Language Academy UTM and Idrissi International School want to give. It is also hoped that this initiative will foster community spirit and encourage positive relationships among its participants, thereby making it a sustainable source of joy and support for the future. May this program be successful!

Program updates can be seen on the Language Academy’s social media pages:

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