Language Academy staff were privileged to welcome Prof Zuraidah Bte Md Don, the adjunct professor of the academy to an inspiring talk about The Growth Mindset and Challenges and Success in Academia. In this talk, Prof. Zuraidah shared her own experiences of success and all the challenges that she disentangled with the help of her Growth Mindset.

In her speech, she highlighted that the world can be divided into two types of people; the people with fixed mindset and the other is the group with the growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset think intelligence is static. This discourages them from confronting challenges and overcoming obstacles. On the other hand, people with a growth mindset believe intelligence can be developed. They have a desire to learn so they embrace challenges, keep on going when they experience setbacks, and are not afraid to work hard because they see it as the path to achievement.

Her speech was mainly referred to the popular book by the world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck. The book, ‘The Growth Mindset’, illustrates the power of mindset in transforming people for who they are and all that they could be. Below are some points of her talk:

1. Set goals for your academic careers
2. Develop confidence in your career life
3. Accept criticism positively and work to improve life
4. Publish to help increase the university ranking
5. Believe in the power of God and not the human being
6. Be yourself and not comparing own self with other people
7. Look beyond short-term concerns to achieve long-term goals
8. Withstand challenges and setbacks to persevere toward these goals
9. Create a good supportive environment
10. Help young academics to be clear with their career goals

Credit; Dr. Aminabibi bte. Saidalvi