Intensive English Course (IEP)

Organisational Structure

What is Intensive English Programme (IEP)?

The Intensive English Programme (IEP) provides students with language skills and training for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination and for those who want to succeed in an academic environment prior to joining university. It is opened to individuals who have the desire to improve their academic English. The course is aimed at assisting students who intend to take IELTS examination, an international examination organized by the British Council, Cambridge ESOL and IDP IELTS Australia.

The main focus of the programme is on the four components of academic skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It focuses on skills and techniques required for IELTS examination. Students familiarize themselves with the test formats and test-taking strategies. Besides, they will practice different language task-types through a variety of activities, lectures, role-plays, games, presentations and assignments.

Each IEP course will run for 4 weeks. Classes will be held for 6 hours daily, 5 days a week. Oxford Online Placement Test is administered at the beginning of the programme to determine students’ level of proficiency in English. Each course is taught in small groups which provide students with individual attention and opportunities to interact with the teacher. Teachers provide students with extensive feedback to help students improve their English and build their confidence. 

At the end of the programme, another Oxford Online Placement Test and IELTS mock tests are administered to determine students’ readiness to sit for the IELTS examination. Students are required to sit for the IELTS exam after they have achieved the target level. Students who have achieved the IELTS minimum requirement set by the university can apply to join UTM. 

Course Content

IEP 01 – Foundation


  • Focuses on basic practice of integrated skills based on authentic, real-life context and situations preparing learners for IELTS.
  • Covers grammatical patterns and functions relevant for basic learners’ linguistic competence.
  • Provides practice of the sound system of English. 
  • Covers topics and vocabulary within the scope of IELTS.


  • Able to use the English language beyond a few words.
  • Able to use simple words and short phrases in familiar situations to meet immediate needs.


IEP 02 – Pre-Intermediate


  • Focuses on essential integrated skills in authentic, real-life context and situations preparing learners for IELTS.
  • Covers grammatical patterns and language functions relevant for the learners’ linguistic competence.
  • Provides extensive practice of the sound system of English.
  • Covers topics and vocabulary within the scope of IELTS.


  • Able to present and understand basic and general meaning of language used in familiar situations.
  • Build test taking familiarity.


IEP 03 – Intermediate


  • Focuses on revisions of IELTS skills.
  • Concentrates on providing confidence needed to communicate.
  • Emphasizes on improving general fluency to enable students to communicate in everyday situations and for IELTS purposes.


  • Has confidence in using English language.
  • Has some command of the language to cope with the overall meanings in many familiar and unfamiliar topics.
  • Able to handle communication to his or her own field.
  • Ready to take IELTS.


IEP 04 – Upper-Intermediate 


  • Provides intensive revisions of IELTS skills.
  • Helps to develop effective IELTS strategies.
  • Provides practice on key language skills needed for IELTS.
  • Covers grammar lessons.
  • Provides intensive practice of the sound system of English.


  • Develop test-taking strategies for IELTS exam.
  • Increase confidence level in using English language.


Upon completion of IEP course, students are required to take IELTS examination.

*subject to achieving a minimum level in the Oxford Online Placement Test and the IELTS Mock Test

IELTS Band 5.5 Ready to join the faculty in UTM
IELTS Band 5.5 + IEP Certificate Ready to join the faculty in UTM
IELTS Band 6.0 and above Ready to join the faculty in UTM 

Number of Courses:

4 courses

IEP Foundation (IEP 01)

IEP Pre-Intermediate (IEP 02)

IEP Intermediate (IEP 03)

IEP Upper-Intermediate (IEP 04)


Total Contact Hours:

120 hours per course

4 weeks per course

6 hours per day

5 days per week


Upcoming Start Dates:

Upcoming Registration Dates IELTS Exam Dates
22 January 2019 – 31 January 2019 March 2019
7 April 2019 – 11 April 2019 June 2019
7 July 2019 – 11 July 2019 September 2019
2 September 2019 – 13 September 2019 November 2019
24 November 2019 – 28 November 2019 January 2020



RM2,450 per course

Further Information & Registration

Language Academy / Akademi Bahasa

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Level 2, Block D06,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

81310 UTM Johor Bahru,





For Course Information:

Telephone (symbol)


+6017-8412808 (Pn. Rohayah Kahar)

+6017-7879422 (Pn. Ruzaini Ibrahim)


+6019-2290150 (Dr. Seriaznita Mat Said)