Congratulations to those who are going to Hajj this year, In Sha Allah. May Allah accept your Hajj and purify you of all your sins. May Allah makes your Hajj journey easy for you and a safe trip to there and back home.

There is lot of renovation going on in Mekkah and it will be hectic, so please be careful, stick to your group and try to have as much patience as you can.

We hope you have written all your dua‘ in your little book as you will have a lot of time during the day of Arafah (the best day in the world) to supplicate to Allah.

Again, Mubarak on your invitation to Allah’s house and the honor of being Allah’s guests;

  1. Prof. Dr. Masputeriah Hamzah
  2. Dr. Hanim Abdul Samat
  3. Puan Hafilah Zainal Abidin
  4. Puan Azila Kamis
  5. Syed Alwi Suleiman