Vision, Mission, Objectives & Clients Charter


To be an outstanding centre for knowledge and talent advancement in human resource development and psychology, synergizing with academic fields of education, communication and humanities


To develop and advance holistic talents in the field of human resource development and psychology through innovative academic programmes and sustainable research


• To produce human resources to fulfill the needs of the nation.

• To enhance the quality of the University’s academic staff professionalism in the field of humaan resources development.

• To enhance the teaching skills of trainers for the nation’s human resource development needs.

• To conduct research and dissemination of knowledge in various field of humaan resources development & psychology.

• To provide social services in the areas of humaan resources development & psychology.

• To explore new methods and materials in enhancing the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

• To publish educational materials in order to upgrade the human resources professionalism.


Always ready to find and disseminate knowledge creatively through friendly, efficient and ethical services for the prosperity of the people.