Nationhood and Social Well-being (NSW) /

Kenegaraan dan Kesejahteraan Sosial (KKS)

Group Leader

Dr. Zulkifli bin Hamisan @ Khair


PM. Dr. Mohd. Azhar Bin Abd Hamid

Dr. Mohd. Sharial Bin Bungsu

Dr. Mohd Koharuddin Bin Mohd Balwi

Dr. Fadilah Binti Zaini

Dr. Azlah Bin Md Ali

Dr. Thuaibah Binti Abu Bakar

Dr. Faizah Fakhruddin

Dr. Muhammed Fauzi Othman

Dr. PM. Dr. Halimah Yusof

Dr. Ruzanna Mohd Shahrin

Dr. Siti Salwa Abdul Patah

Dr. Rabeatul Husna Abdul Rahman

Dr. Yusma Fariza Yasin


The research group has been involved with numerous research and consultations on issues of leadership and social development of the country. We provides experts who can conduct research on politics, leadership, nationhood and culture as well as sociological issues of community development. The Research Area (Niche Area) of this research group in research and consultancy is the field of Social Science involving current issues in Political Science, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and Development.


Research Area 

1. Leadership, Political system and culture in Malaysia,

2. National Development Policies and impact

3. History and Nationhood,

4. Sociology and cultural anthropology of Malaysian society,

5. Communication and international relations