Master of Human Resource Development

Research Mode

This program is designed to provide advanced research based studies in Human Resource Development (HRD). It is aimed at developing understanding and to contribute to the expansion of new knowledge on the state of knowledge in the areas of HRD discipline through research activities. Students will be engaged in a significant research investigation of a specific inquiry resulting in the production of a thesis with either a theoretical or an applied focus.

The program provides an opportunity for students to critically analyze issues that would contribute and expand knowledge related to HRD field based on observation, literature review and data analysis.

At the end of the program, students must submit a maximum of a 200 page thesis (including references) on a topic which has been agreed upon by the faculty. The conferment of the degree is subject to the successful completion of the thesis and viva voce defense.

Length of Programme: 3-8 Semesters, Full Time


Intake: Throughout the year


Programme Objectives:


At the end of this program, graduates are able:


  1. Demonstrate mastery of knowledge in Human Resource Development (HRD).
  2. Apply research skills in the field of HRD.
  3. Critically think and solve HRD issues by using various HRD interventions.
  4. Demonstrate professional ethics and ethical behaviours, and moral responsibility for the good of mankind.
  5. Communicate effectively in various contexts.
  6. Seek, acquire and manage relevant information from a variety of sources independently for continous self-development and life-long learning.
  7. Develop social skills through social responsibilities activities. Assume different roles in a team to solve problems.

To be eligible for the award of Master of Human Resource Development, students must complete the following courses:

Core Courses

Course title Credit
  • Research Methodology
University Elective (among others) – Choose ONE Course Offered by Faculty


Course title Credit
  • Seminar on Global Development, Economic and Social Issues
  • Malaysian Society & Culture
Offered by other faculties

Course title Credit
  • Seminar on Science Philosophy and Social Development
  • Bahasa Malaysia Akademik 1
    (only for Malay-background international students from Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand dan Singapore)