Doctor of Philosophy

PHD Generic


The program is an advanced research degree which involves an academic exercise to produce a research thesis under the close supervision of a faculty member. The PhD thesis should make scholarly contributions in the chosen field of study.

The PhD program usually takes three years (full time) orĀ  six years (part-time) to complete. Students will be supervised by academic staff who will advise them on the direction and structure of the research throughout the entire PhD study. The student will work closely with supervisor(s) during the first year which is the design phase. Following a successful defense session, students would start to gather research data in the second year, and write their thesis in the final year students.


  • human resources
  • human resource development
  • organizational development
  • occupational health safety
  • leadership
  • communication
  • psychology
  • industrial and organizational psychology
  • sociology
  • counselling
  • Islamic Psychology
  • mental health issues and prevention