The students of CASIS form a significant component of the community. As a centre for graduate and post-graduate studies, students come from various backgrounds, nationality and age groups. As of late, we have been enjoying a company of over 40 students with academic backgrounds ranging from Islamic Studies; Politics, Philosophy and Economics; History; Creative Arts; Anthropology; Business Studies; Engineering; Physics; and even Mathematics; from various corners of the world, such as Nigeria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, China, England, US, Germany, Guyana, Bosnia, Indonesia, Singapore and of course Malaysia. Some of our students have had training in the traditional religious sciences from the traditional centres of excellence such as al-Azhar University in Cairo as well as Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen, while some others spent their undergraduate years in various universities, local and abroad. Such diversity of thought seems daunting at first, especially when all students go through more or less the same courses throughout their years in CASIS. It is a severe challenge to have meaningful discourse and collaboration between these multitude strands of thought and experience, unless we are grounded with a solid framework conceived in the mind, formulated based on a clear and sound worldview.