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Director Technical and Engineering Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aede Hatib bin Musta’amal @ Jamal
Dip. in Mechanical Engineering(UTM)
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (Honours)(UTM/ITHO)
M.Ed in Technical and Vocational Education(UTM)
Ph.D (Design and Technology)(Loughborough Uni. of Tec. UK)
Email : aede@utm.my
Room : C14-335-01
Website: people.utm.my/aede/


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sukri Saud
Dip.(General Science)(UiTM)
B. (Agricultural Science)(UPM)
M. S (Uni. of Wisconsin, USA)
Ph.D (Ohio  State University, Athens, USA)

Email : p-sukri@utm.my
Room : C14-310-01
Website: people.utm.my/sukri/

Associate Professors

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarimah binti Ismail
Dip. in Science(UiTM)
Bachelor Education in Home Science (UPM)
M. Ed. (Queensland Ins. of Tec, Brisbane, AUST)
Ph.D Hospitality(Uni. of Bournemouth, UK)
Email : p-sarimah@utm.my 
Room : C14-334-01
Website: people.utm.my/sarimahismail/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan bin Ahmad 
B. Technology and Education (Mechanical Engineering)(UTM)
M. Tech & Vocational Edu (UTM)
Ph.D (Technical Education & Vocational)(UTM)
Email : a-adnan@utm.my 
Room : C13-201-03
Website: people.utm.my/a-adnan/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Safarin bin Nordin
Dip. Mech. Eng. (Aeronautical Engineering)(UTM)
B.Ed (Mechanical Engineering)(Honours)(UTM)
M.Ed. (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
Ph.D (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
Email : p-safarin@utm.my
Room : C14-322-01
Website: people.utm.my/safarin/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusri bin Kamin
B. Technology with Education (UTM)
M. Ed (Technical & Vocational Education)(UTM)
Ph.D (La Trobe University, AUST)
Email : p-yusri@utm.my 
Room : (Office) C22-218-01/ (Room) C15-315-01
Tel : (Office)07-5534178/ (Room) 07-5534395
Website: people.utm.my/yusri/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Zolkifli bin Abd Hamid
M. (Food Science & Nutrition)(UKM)
Dip. (UKM)
M. Ed (Technical & Vocational Education)(UTM)
Ph.D (Technical & Vocational Education)(UTM)
Email : mohdzol@utm.my
Room : C15-310-01
Website: people.utm.my/mohdzol/
Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Khata Bin Jabor
B.A in Business Economics (University of Michigan)
Master of Business Administration (West Virginia University)
PhD in Business Education (Lousiana State University)
Email: mkhata@utm.my
Room: C15-403
Website: people.utm.my/mkhata
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dayana Farzeeha binti Ali
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Civil Engineering) (UTM)
PhD. (Technical and Vocational Education) (UTM)
Email : dayanafarzeeha@utm.my
Room : C13-317-01
Tel : 07-5534297
Website: people.utm.my/dayanafarzeeha/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanifah binti Jambari
Dip. (Electrical Power)(UTM)
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Adv. Dip. )(UiTM)
M. Ed. (Technical)(UTM)
Ph.D (Electrical Engineering)(UTM)
Email : hanifah-j@utm.my
Room : C14-329-01
Website: people.utm.my/hanifah/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamalularifin bin Subari
Cert. Ed. (Industrial Art), (Technical Teacher’s Training College, KL)
B.Sc. (Tech. Ed. Electrical Engineering) (Honours)(UTM)
M. Sc. (Technical & Vocational Education) (UTM)
Ph.D (UTM)
Email : p-arifin@utm.my
Room : C13-325-01
Website: people.utm.my/arifin/
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahyuddin bin Arsat
B.Eng. (UTM)
M. Eng. (UTM)
Ph.D (AAU)(Aalborg University,Denmark)
Email : mahyuddin@utm.my
Room : C14-316-01

Senior Lecturers

Dr. Muhammad Khair bin Noordin
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electronics) (UTM)
Master of Electrical Engineering (Electronics) (UTM)
PhD. (Technical & Vocational Education) (UTM)
Email : mdkhair@utm.my
Room : C13-314-01
Website: people.utm.my/mdkhair/
Dr. Nornazira binti Suhairom
B. Sc. (Food Studies) (UPM)
M. Sc. (Technical & Vocational Education)(UPM)
PhD. (Technical & Vocational Education) (UTM)
Email : p-nazira@utm.my
Room : C15-307-01
Website: people.utm.my/nazira/
 Dr. Nur Husna binti Abd. Wahid
B. Sc. (Microbiology)(Honours)(UPM)
M. Sc. (Technical & Vocational Education)(UPM)
PhD. (Workforce Education & Development) (Pennsylvania State Uni.)(US)
Email : husna@utm.my
Room : C14-330-01
Website: people.utm.my/husna/
Dr. Ahmad Nabil bin Md Nasir
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Electronic) (Honours)(UTM)
M. Ed. (Technical & Vocational Education) (UTM)
Ph.D (Technical & Vocational Edu.) (UTM)
Email : ahmadnabil@utm.my
Room : C13-320-01
Website: people.utm.my/ahmadnabil/
 Dr. Mohd. Fa’iz bin Ahmad
B.Tech.Ed. (Mechanical Engineering) (UTM)
M.Ed. (Technical & Vocational Edu.) (UTM)
Ph.D (Technical & Vocational Edu.) (UTM)
Email : mfaiz@utm.my
Room : C13-327-01
Website : people.utm.my/mfaiz/
Dr. Mohamad Abdillah bin Royo
B. Sc. (Business Administration in Finance) (St Louis University, USA)
Master of Business Administration (UiTM)
Ph. D (Technical & Vocational Edu.) (UTM)
Email: abdillah@utm.my
Room: C15-407-01
Website: people.utm.my/abdillah/
Dr. Mohamad Izzuan Bin Mohd Ishar
B. Sc. (Construction) with Honours (UTM)
M. Ed.(Technical and Vocational Education) (UTM)
Ph. D (Technical and Vocational Education) (UTM)
Email: m.izzuan@utm.my
Room: C13-401-04
Website: people.utm.my/m-izzuan
Dr. Mohd Hizwan Mohd Hisham
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Electrical Engineering) (UTM)
M. Ed (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
PhD (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
Email: hizwan@utm.com
Room: C15-305-01
website: people.utm.my/hizwan/
Dr. Mohamad Rasidi bin Pairan
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with Honours (UMS, Malaysia)
Master of Mechanical Engineering (UTHM, Malaysia)
Doctoral of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (UTHM, Malaysia)
Email: rasidi@utm.my
Room: D05-425
Website: people.utm.my/rasidi
Dr. Muhamad Afzamiman bin Aripin
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Civil Engineering) (UTM)
M. Ed (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
Ph. D (Technical and Vocational Education)(UTM)
Email: afzamiman@utm.my
Room: C13-325-01
website: people.utm.my/afzamiman/
Dr. Nurul Aini Mohd. Ahyan
Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering (UTHM)
Master of Manufacturing Engineering (Manufacturing System)(UTeM)
Master of Education (Technic and Vocational)(UTHM)
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (UTM)
Email : nurul.aini@utm.my
Room : D05-428
website: people.utm.my/nurulainimohdahyan
Dr. Nur Hazirah binti Noh@Seth
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) with Honours (UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia)
Master of Mechanical Engineering (UTHM, Malaysia)
Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering (UTHM, Malaysia)
Email: nurhazirah.n@utm.my
Room: D05 421
Website: people.utm.my/nurhazirah
Dr. Salmalina binti Salleh
Certificate in Foodservice and Restaurant Management (FIM)
Diploma in Food Service Management (UiTM)
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Foodservice Management (UiTM)
Master in Foodservice Management (UiTM)
Ph.D (Management) (UTM)
Email: salmalina@utm.my
Room: C15 308-01
Website: people.utm.my/salmalina/
Dr. Sharifah Maryam binti Syed Azman
Bach. in Art and Design (Fashion Design) (UiTM)
Master of Education (Technical amd Vocational)(UTM)
Ph.D ( Technical and Vocational) (UTM)
Email : sharifahmaryam@utm.my
Room : C13-324
Dr. Mohd Fahmi Bin Adnan
Diploma of Electrical Engineering (Mechatronic) (UTM)
Bachelor Degree of Technology with Education (Electrical Engineering) (UTM)
PhD Engineering Education (UTM)
Email: mohdfahmi.adnan@utm.my
Room: C14-332
Website: people.utm.my/mohdfahmi-adnan/