Language Education and Training (LET) is an action-oriented research group which engages

in action research activities in educational institution settings. This research group aims to improve language teaching and learning through collaborative interventions and evaluations based on the approaches, techniques and practices adopted in language teaching, learning and training.


The objectives of the LET research group are to

  • execute research activities related to teaching and learning of English at universities and schools.
  • intensify collaborative research work with researchers, language practitioners, and language trainers from other institutions.
  • publish and extend research findings to be shared with researchers, practitioners

and trainers.

  • apply research findings to classroom practice in the form of pre-service and in-

service training.

Research Area

  1. Language Learning Education

Relates to the improvement of the quality of English language education – teaching, learning, assessment, and training.

  1. Language Training Program

Relates to effective language delivery and teaching.

  1. School-Based and University-Based Education

Relates to the improvement of English language education – school-based and university-based education and assessment.