+603 2615 4424 fsshkl@utm.my

Support Team

Non-Academic Staff

Mdm. Sharifah Fadzlina Helmy Alhusaini

Administrative Officer N44

Tel: +603-2615 4388
Email: sfadzlina.kl@utm.my


Mr. Muhammad Nadzrin bin Abdullah Mohmmad Suhaimi

Assistant Administrative Officer N29 

Tel: +603-2615 4928
Email: nadzrin@utm.my


Mdm. Hazlen binti Mohammad 

Secretary N29 

Tel: +03 2615 4539
Email: hazlen@utm.my


Mr. Shahnizam bin Saman

Senior Administrative Assistant N26

Tel: +603-2615 4558
email: shahnizam@utm.my


Mdm. Sa’adiah binti Mohd Kasdi

Administrative Assistant N19 

Tel: +603-2615 4424
email: saadiahmk@utm.my



Mdm. Idawaty binti Mohd Ramli

Administrative Assistant N19

Tel: +03 2615 4424
email: idawaty@utm.my



Facts and Figures


31 Academic staff
16 Academic staff with PhD
150 International postgraduate students
201 Postgraduate students
973 Undergraduate students

Innovative Teaching and Learning

FSSH KL has four language laboratories and one state-of-the-art multimedia laboratory to facilitate teaching and learning on online platform.


English Language and Islamic Civilisation

Strong collaboration between English language and Islamic civilisation lecturers in providing quality education to students.

Cross-cultural experience

Summer School courses to international students are offered all year round.  Come join us for an adventurous and exciting cross-cultural learning experience.