Writing Format of Paper & Poster

Language used:

Papers submitted can be written either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

Format for Writing Full Paper

The full article must be formatted single-spaced, font size 12, page number 6-12, Times new roman. The paper should be concise, clear and in readable style, and it must be accompanied by an abstract written within 250 or less words. Contributors are requested to include their official affiliations, mailing and email addresses at the foot the first page of the type-script. All papers will be reviewed and go though checking of plagiarism .

Article can be written concept base, theoretical, experimental and empirical. Please follow APA style of writing article.
Steps for Writing Articles:
MATERIALS AND METHODS (Depends type of Design & Research)

Tables: The tables should be numbered with the putting of titles or caption.  

References: References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order, and they should include only works referred to the text. These should be cited in the following way:

(a) For Periodicals–Surname and initial or the author(s), year of publication, title, name of the Journal, volume, number with pagination.

(b) For Books – Surname and initial of the author(s), year of publications, title, edition, place of publication, name of publisher.  

The following are the concrete example of citing references in respect of books, edited volumes and periodicals:  

(a)   Articles in Journals:

Heyzer, N. (1989). ‘Asian Women Wage Earners’, World Development, 17(7): 110-23.

(b)   Articles in Edited Books:

Sen, Amiya (1990). ‘Gender and Cooperative Conflicts’, in H. Tinker (ed.), Persistent Inequalities, pp.123-49. Delhi : Oxford University Press.

(c)    Books:

Srinivas, M. N. (1968). Social Change in Modern India . Berkeley : University of California Press.
Please follow this system very strictly to help maintain a particular pattern in the journal.  


The template for full paper can be downloaded here: Full_Paper_template