1. Mobile Application to Improve Language Skills of Children with Dyslexia

This app has sound theoretical underpinnings as well as simple and attractive steps for children with dyslexia to improve their reading, spelling and writing. This app also assists children with normal developmental milestones to acquire foundational skills in learning languages.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Yeo Kee Jiar, Candy Lim Wai Wai & Lee Shih Hui


2. Light Up Young Minds with Children’s Literature 

Come to see how language-based strategies using children’s literature can do wonders to make children become smarter. Unleash children’s potential, sharpen children’s intelligence, moulding children’s personality – let children’s literature guide you. 

Speakers: Dr. Aminabibi bt. Saidalvi


3. Engaging the Mathematics in STEAM for Pre-School Children 

What pre-school mathematics is in STEAM (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities? How to engage in mathematics through STEAM activities for pre-school children? This is a hands-on workshop that centres on fostering mathematical understanding through STEAM based activities at the early childhood level. This one hour workshop is suitable for those interested to gain experience on how mathematics can be at the forefront of STEAM based learning in pre-school.  This workshop will also demonstrate how teachers can emphasize pre-school mathematical concepts in STEAM activities. 

Speakers: Dr. Norulhuda Ismail, Dr. Najua Syuhada Ahmad Alhossora & Dr. Chuzairy Hanri


4. Employing Technology Advantages in Supervising and Evaluating Postgraduate on Finishing Thesis Preparation

The workshop focuses on issues in PG research supervision, understanding best practices in supervision and the significance of relying on technology in strengthening PG supervision, in particular for researching successful PG study completions

Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baharin Abu


5. Burnout: Recognising and Managing Stress in Academic Life

The workshop focuses on the importance of recognising burnout and managing stress. Participants of this workshop will learn about symptoms of burnout, the effect of stress on our mental health and ways to manage stress. Sharing is caring. Participants of this workshop are therefore encouraged to participate in group discussions and interact actively with one another. 

Speaker:  Dr. Tan Joo Siang

6. How to be an Article Reviewer?

Getting involved in the peer review process can be a highly rewarding experience that can also improve your own research and help to further your career. Peer review is a good opportunity for early career researchers to play a role in the research community and gain valuable experience to help improve your own research writing.

Speakers: Associate Prof. Dr. Zainudin Hassan