Educational Technology

No. Name Position Held Academic Qualification
(Institution,Year and Award )
Area of Speacilization / Research interest
1. Prof. Dr. Zaidatun Tasir
Professor Ph.D (UTM) Design and Development of Computer and web-based Instructions, Personalised Learning and Learning Analytics, Mobile Learning Applications, Problem-based learning through technology, Social Networking Tools in Education, Heutagogy & Peeragogy in Online Learning, and Online Social Learning Model.
2. PM. Dr. Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohd Said
Associate Professor Ph.D (University of Wakaito, NZ) Online learning research
3. PM. Dr. Jamalludin Harun
Associate Professor Ph.D (UTM) Active learning through technology
4. PM. Dr. Noraffandy Yahaya
Associate Professor Ph.D (University of Leeds, UK) Online Learning, activity theory, user centered design in online learning environment
5. PM. Dr. Zaleha Abdullah
Associate Professor Ph.D (University of Nottingham, UK) Distance and online learning
6. Dr. Shaharuddin Md Salleh
Ph.D (UTM) Animation and simulation in education
7. PM Dr. Noor Azean Atan
Associate Professor Ph.D (UTM) Authentic Learning, Visual thinking Through Visualization, Online Learning
8. PM Dr. Nurbiha A. Shukor
Associate Professor Ph.D (UTM) Cognitive engagement and interaction in online learning
9. PM Dr. Noor Dayana Abd Halim
Associate Professor Ph.D (UTM) Personalized learning through web and interaction in online learning
10. PM Dr. Norazrena Abu Samah
Associate Professor Ph.D (UTM) Personalized learning through web and interaction in online learning
11. Dr. Mohd Shafie Rosli
Ph.D (UTM) Technology Enhanced Learning Environment
12. Dr. Norasykin Mohd Zaid
Ph.D (University of Wollongong, AUS) Online data management system in education
13. Dr. Norah Md Noor
Ph.D (UTM) Personalized learning through web
14. PM Dr. Hasnah Mohamed
Associate Professor Ph.D (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) Software Evaluation, CAI
15. Dr. Megat Aman Zahiri Megat Zakaria
Senior Lecturer Ph.D (UTM) Data management system in education
16. Dr. Nurul Farhana Jumaat
Senior Lecturer Ph.D (UTM) Online Learning, Metacognition
17. Ts. Dr. Mohd Fadzil Bin Abdul Hanid
Senior Lecturer Ph.D (UTM) Augmented Reality in Education, Mobile Learning, Online Learning, Computational Thinking, Educational Technology